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Our Vision

At the age of 15 I decided that I wanted to become a doctor and give my life to enabling others to live as healthily and productively as possible. At the age of 16 I became a Christian and the idea of excellent medical practice being supplemented by the resources of heaven at work through Christians excited me beyond measure.

When I started medical school this excitement had grown into a life passion and dream so I started to explore the ways in which it could be expressed. As I progressed through my medical career I saw God work through me in the workplace; miracles of healings; creating atmospheres of peace, hope and joy amongst some of the most challenging circumstances. Creative wisdom, encouragement and discernment all flowing through the activity of the Holy Spirit has always been the normal potential of Christianity – God at work in and through us to bless the world.

Imagine if that was the dream and experience of every Christian working in the arena of Healthcare, what a difference we could make in the world. This is the heart of Heaven in Healthcare, the power of a common dream, and we are starting to see this reality unfold as we equip and train Christians to realise their full potential.

It is a very exciting journey to be part of and we believe that Health Provision in many nations will be enhanced as we move forward together to release Heaven in Healthcare.




  • Healthcare workers enjoying workplaces filled with peace, joy and hope, working together thereby improving job satisfaction and mental wellbeing. Also, positive atmospheres of encouragement and celebration of good practice resulting in less work days lost to ill health, stress and burnout. This will impact on the huge challenge facing health services regarding retention of existing staff and recruitment of future staff.
  • Patients enjoying an atmosphere of compassion, hope, peace and joy, reducing the anxiety that can come with health issues.
  • The spiritual aspect of holistic care being delivered in a sensitive and appropriate manner to all those who would wish to access it.
  • Miracles of healing happening alongside great medicine thereby reducing the workload on health services, spreading the reality that we are already seeing through Heaven in Healthcare and the Eastgate Healing Centre.
  • Creative thoughts inspired by the Holy Spirit leading to solutions to healthcare issues.

Dr Pete Carter